Siding repair services in Bend, Oregon

Siding Repairs by worker with a hammer

Picture this: A ferocious Oregon rain and wind storm blows through your area of Bend, tossing debris against your house exterior and causing dents, pock marks and holes of all sizes in your siding.

The next day, the sales person from the local siding company comes to your property to assess the damage and tell you what’s needed to repair it.

After a 5-minute walk around the house, the sales pro writes down a couple notes in a notepad, then states that your own option is to replace every panel of siding on your house. And you also need new gutters, roof, and a few window frames. 

The cost will be thousands of dollars. Best of luck.

Before you hire the sales person and their company to do all that work, get in touch with our Bend, Oregon siding professionals. We will closely evaluate your premises and give an honest, accurate and transparent opinion on whether total replacement of your siding is needed or if a handful of smart repairs will do the trick.

Our contractors are fully licensed, insured, and skilled at restoring homes and commercial properties through quality workmanship that is affordable. We’re happy to do partial siding replacement if that is what is called for.

We offer free estimates and outstanding exterior services you can rely on.

Why hire our siding contractors?

You may have been told that you can pull damaged siding off your house, sand it, patch it, reattach it and paint it to look like new. It may take several hours. It may be highly frustrating. And, in the end, it might not look very good.

You can try going the DIY route on a day off from work, but we don’t recommend it. After all, it can be quite easy to make mistakes in reinstalling siding that result in leaks and other issues.

When siding is damaged to a point that it does not fully protect your home from harsh conditions, the best choice is to replace it with proven products that are installed by industry experts and match your existing siding.

We gladly help homeowners who don’t need a full replacement of their house’s siding with long-lasting repair solutions that are much less expensive yet equally effective.

In the case that full replacement is necessary, you can count on us for cost-effective options that suit your needs, budget and tastes.

After all, we created our siding company to assist people who need dependable, low-cost contractor services. Contact us to learn more.